June 19th - 20th (We hope)

Agile Cymru is a community run event, by the community, for the community.

2 days of great talks, workshops and always great fun.

Who are we

We are a community run conference, comprised of volunteers from our local agile user group, dedicated to learning, sharing and collaborating.

What we do

As a conference, we invest in the maturity of ‘agility’ in Wales. Our goal is to help spread knowledge, create dialogue and promote learning in and around business agility.

Why should you come?

We have a talent for bringing great speakers to our conference, great audiences, creating participative sessions as well as regular presentations.

What can you expect?

Watch the video to see a speaker from last year

Jon Terry – Kanban: An evolutionary approach to Agile through Lean

Many project professionals see the growing demand in organisations for an agile approach to project management. But introducing Agile methods like Scrum to a traditional organisation can be a revolutionary process, with a high risk of failure if conditions aren’t right for adoption.

In this session, we’ll show you how to use the language of Lean (from Lean Manufacturing) and the evolutionary change model of kanban visual management to introduce Agile to your organization, and achieve the promised benefits of Agile “one step at a time”.






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What else..

June 19th & 20th - Wales Millenium Centre

Our venue is home to 9 arts organisations, making it an ideal space to get creative about agile. 

  • We have four concurrent sessions giving you great choice.

  • We encourage participative sessions, and use graphic recorders

  • We are keen on diversity and cultivating a friendly culture

  • We have longer breaks to help beat burn out

  • We don't share your emails with anyone

  • We don't like speakers that are 'selling you something'